[ Policies ] New User Policy

New User Policy will allow you to configure a Policy to be ran whenever you create a new user. 
To get started you must first create a Policy. When you create a new user you will then have the option to choose the New User Policy to run on that user. 

Create Policy

Basic Info

The Policy configuration window will be displayed beginning on the Basic Info screen.

Here you will enter the following information:
  • Policy Name: This is the name of the policy you will select from the new user menu. 
  • Policy Type: Select New User Policy
  • Description: Optional description of the policy

Click Next to proceed.

Select Actions

Next is the Select Actions screen.  From here, select the desired actions for the Policy from the 
the following available actions:
  • Add To Group: Add the source user as a member to the specified group
  • Add Send As: Add a send as address from any of your Verified Domain Aliases  and choose the default sending address.
  • Change Contact Sharing: Toggle whether the source user is included in Directory contacts
  • Change gPanel Role: Change the source user's gPanel role
  • Change IMAP: Toggle whether the source user will have IMAP access to Gmail
  • Change Indicators: Toggle Gmail personal level indicators for the source user
  • Change POP: Toggle whether the source user will have POP access to Gmail
  • Change Shortcuts: Toggle whether the source user will keyboard shortcuts enabled in Gmail
  • Change Snippets: Toggle whether the source user will have snippets displayed in Gmail
  • Change Unicode: Toggle whether the source user will have Unicode encoding for outgoing messages
  • Change Webclips: Toggle whether the source user will have Webclips enabled in Gmail
  • Create Gmail Label: Create a label in source user's Gmail
  • Force Password Reset: Force source user to reset password on next login
  • Remove From Group: Remove the source user from the specified group
  • Set Language: Set the source user's display language in Gmail
  • Set Organization: Move the source user to the specified Org Unit
  • Suspend User
  • Unsuspend User
Click Add Selected to add the desired actions to the selected actions for the policy.  You can also click Add All
to add all of the actions to the selected actions list.

Click Next to proceed.

Action Configuration

In the Action Configuration screen, you will configure the actions you selected in the previous step.

In the example below, for the Add To Group action selected you would enter the email address for the
group and specify the role for the source user.

Once you have configured all of your selected actions, click Next to proceed.


The final step when creating a new policy is the Review screen.  All of the information about the new policy will be displayed.
Once you have reviewed the information, click Submit to create the new policy.

Run New User Policy

Enter the required information for the new user, and click Next. Select either an individual or multiple New User Policies to run on the user you are creating. 

Check the box next to the Policy name or click the plus icon to select the policy. Additionally, you can remove policies by selecting the minus icon in the Selected Policies column. 

Clicking on the Arrow icon will allow you to add all of the policies that you have checked. 

Or you can click on the second arrow icon to select all policies.