[Administration] FAQ

General Questions About Roles

What's a "Role"?

Roles are "Permission Sets" that you give to the administrators and users in your domain system so that they can or cannot perform tasks on your domain system.

Roles are primarily split up into two categories "Administration Roles" and "User Roles".

What's a Administration Role?

Administration Roles are "Permission Sets" that should only be given to employees that have been educated by you or by an accredited institution on how to properly operate your domain system.

What's a Custom Administration Role?

There are several tasks that a System Administrator must complete in there day to day operations and some of those tasks should really be dedicated out to other people so that they can focus on more critical tasks.  

For instance you have several users that have suddenly forgotten their passwords and they need to get into their accounts right away, instead of having your System Administrator stop what they are doing and change the passwords

for these users you can create a "Custom Administration Role" for a employee(s) in your domain and give it permission to reset passwords.

What's a User Role?

User roles are "Limited Permission Sets" that should be given to all your basic users that have no training in System Administration by you or by an accredited institution.

What's a Custom User Role?

Depending on your organization or as the need arises you may need to create different user roles.  

You could have the majority of your users set to have little or no system domain permissions, but lets say for instance you want some of your users to be able to delegate personal contacts, in this instance you could create a "Custom User Role" and assign the permission to delegate contacts for all employees in that role.